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Remote Expert Assistance on LEDS

Connecting members with world-class experts and peers on low emission development

Our services

The LEDS GP REAL service can help you:

  • Design and strengthen policies and measures on agriculture, forestry and other land use, energy, transport, and waste
  • Assess and communicate impacts of low emission development strategies (LEDS) and nationally determined contributions (NDCs)
  • Mobilize private and public investment for LEDS and NDCs priorities
  • Link national and subnational government LEDS and NDC strategies and actions
  • Assess LEDS and NDC options and pathways

  • Access the REAL factsheet here

    REAL impacts

    LEDS GP provided expert review of Kenya’s Climate Change Framework Policy. Experts from six different institutions and governments provided valuable suggestions to strengthen Kenya’s Framework for Climate Change Policy, including suggestions on strengthening monitoring and evaluation indicators and benefits of the policy, among others. Comments provided by the LEDS GP experts were incorporated into the revised version of the policy which was validated by the Cabinet and presented to the Parliament for approval. This policy will provide a framework for action that promotes low carbon development in Kenya and is an important milestone in the country’s path for developing its economy while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


    Request assistance

    The no-cost Remote Expert Assistance on LEDS (REAL) service is available to government representatives and technical institutes assisting them in advancing climate resilient low emission development and achieving mitigation commitments.

    REAL experts

    Spanning more than 30 institutions, our pool of experts have a wide range of areas of expertise. In addition, LEDS GP leverages resources and over 60 experts available through our partner institutions.

    A small selection of our experts are featured here: