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Case Study
Sustainable biomass cultivation

Sustainable biomass cultivation

Cultivating sustainable biomass in Cote d'Ivoire, through climate-compatible development.
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Democratic Republic of the Congo, Africa

Case Summary

An element of realizing the Democratic Republic of Congo’s LEDS initiatives is improving sustainable forest management, and an important part of that effort if sustainable biomass cultivation. An example of this work is EcoMakala, a project done with financing support from the World Wide Fund for Nature and the European Union, which worked with farmers to reforest thousands of hectares of land near Goma in the northeast of the DRC near the border with Rwanda.

The project's general objectives are to "contribute to poverty reduction and to the sustainable development in the North Kivu province and participate in the linking relief rehabilitation and development of the international community in the [relevant] zones of the North Kivu province" and the specific objective is to "contribute to the sustainable viability of energy wood provision of the rural populations in the surroundings of Goma."

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