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Ubungo gas plant for generating electricity

Ubungo gas plant for generating electricity

Tanzania's Ubungo Gas Plant can generate an available capacity of 102.5 MW. The Power Plant Generation started on 30th July 2008 for all twelve Generating units.
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Tanzania, Africa

Case Summary

From 2003 through 2005 Tanzania experienced severe drought all over the country, resulting in lower water levels in the major hydropower reservoirs. Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited (TANESCO) received funds from the government of the United Republic of Tanzania to finance, on urgent basis, the emergency power generation project to bridge the gap of power supply in the National grid, caused by the drought.

TANESCO engaged M/S Lahmeyer International of Germany for consulting services and contracted M/S Wärtsilä Company of Finland for the construction of a TANESCO owned 100MW Gas Plant at Ubungo.

The Gas Plant is using locally available Songo Songo gas as a source of fuel. The Plant is installed with twelve generating units each with a capacity of 8.73MW totalling an installed capacity of 104 MW. The available capacity for twelve generating units is 102.5 MW. The Plant is interconnected with the National Grid through the Ubungo National Grid Substation.

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