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Pilot Program for Climate Resilience (PPCR) – Tonga

The Pilot Program for Climate Resilience (PPCR), approved in November 2008, was the first program developed and operational under the Strategic Climate Fund (SCF), which is one of two funds within the Climate Investment Funds (CIF). It assists developing countries in integrating climate resilience into development planning.


The PPCR aims to pilot and demonstrate ways in which climate risk and resilience may be integrated into core development planning and implementation. In this way, the PPCR provides incentives for scaled-up action and initiates transformational change.

The pilot programs and projects implemented under the PPCR are country-led, build on National Adaptation Programs of Action (NAPAs) and other relevant country studies and strategies. They are strategically aligned with other donor funded activities to provide financing for projects that will produce experience and knowledge useful to designing scaled-up adaptation measures.

In Tonga

This Kingdom of Tonga Strategic Program for Climate Resilience (SPCR) will support transformational change by enabling implementation of Tonga‘s national strategy to integrate climate change adaptation (CCA) and related disaster risk management (DRM), making Tonga more resilient to climate change and climate-related disasters.

It will sustain the burgeoning transformational change that began with the development of Tonga`s Joint National Action Plan on Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Management 2010–2015 (JNAP) by providing the strategic human, technical, and financial inputs needed to implement JNAP activities, thereby supporting the Government‘s poverty alleviation goals.

The SPCR is a package of closely linked, mutually supporting, and phased interventions that together provide the framework required to place Tonga on a climate-resilient development path at the national, island, and community levels in vulnerable economic sectors.

The SPCR will:

  • Build capacity;
  • Provide information, tools, and legislative frameworks needed for informed climate change risk management; and
  • Provide access to resources (technical, human, financial) to address the climate change risk management priorities of the Government, as well as those of vulnerable communities.

This will lead to a progressive increase in the resilience of ecosystems and infrastructure that are the foundations of the country‘s sustainable development aspirations.

The SPCR will complement (not duplicate) major CCA and related DRM initiatives ongoing and planned in Tonga. It is based on a clear analysis of the value that can be added to CCA/DRM work in the country.

The SPCR will catalyze increased collaboration in building resilience to climate change and disaster risk reduction (DRR) between ADB, the JNAP Secretariat, and Tonga infrastructure agencies (which implement the National Infrastructure Investment Plan) at the national level. It will in turn promote collaboration between Tonga SPCR national stakeholders and other Pacific countries and regional organizations. The enhanced collaboration achieved in development of this SPCR will further improve coordination and harmonization of national and regional CCA and DRM responses.

Outputs and resources

For more information see the Tonga profile on the program website.

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