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UNEP Green Economy Advisory Services – Rwanda

The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) has partnered with Rwanda to support its national initiatives on green economy, in particular to implement a project on environmental entrepreneurship.

The Green Economy Advisory Services provides governments with policy advice, technical assistance and capacity building to help governments develop and implement initiatives to transform and revitalize their economies. For information on the program globally, click here.


As part of a regional initiative on green economy in Africa, UNEP is partnering with Rwanda on the implementation of a project on Green Economy and Social and Environmental Entrepreneurship Development in Rwanda (SEED), with support from the European Union.

Through this initiative, UNEP seeks to provide support on macro-economic assessments of the opportunities to promote green investment in high potential sectors that contribute to economic growth and development, decent job creation and environmental improvement.

Action under this initiative aims to encourage governments and stakeholders to refocus policies and investment in green economic sectors, such as renewable energies and energy efficiency, sustainable agriculture, low-carbon transport, water, forest and fishery resources, and to enhance social and environmental entrepreneurship with a view to strengthening local capacities, delivering green jobs, and contributing to sustainable development and poverty reduction in Africa.

The program will provide platforms for national consultations on Green Economy, building partnerships, enhancing synergy with existing strategies, policies and programs.

UNEP also launched SEED Awards for entrepreneurship in sustainable development.

By integrating social and environmental benefits into their business models, social and environmental entrepreneurs help to generate livelihoods and alleviate poverty. But they face considerable challenges along the path to scale up, from developing their business plans and finding funding, to managing their partnerships. The SEED award consists of assistance in these areas, tailored to the particular needs of the winners, profiling winning initiatives nationally and internationally, and networking to other organisations that could help.

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To view the full country profile for Rwanda on the UNEP website click here.

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