LEDS GP video: Technical assistance on energy standards in Brazil

This video, from the LEDS GP Subnational Integration of LEDS Working Group, shows five interview clips from their Remote Expert Assistance on LEDS (REAL) technical support workshop to the Inter-municipal Public Consortium of the Western Metropolitan Region of São Paulo (CIOESTE).

As part of the LEDS GP REAL service, the Subnational Integration of LEDS Working Group collaborated with CIOESTE in a technical workshop focused on municipal energy and emissions standards in CIOESTE’s municipalities. The video interviews:

  • Oswaldo dos Santos Lucon, Office of Technical Advisor, CETESB (Sao Paulo State Environmental Agency), who discusses the urgent need for larger municipal organizations that act like subnational governments in Brazil, and the importance of achieving more local, bottom-up development initiatives.
  • Aline Pacheco Pelucion, Technical Advisor to the Secretary of State for the Environment of the State of Sao Paulo, who talks about CIOESTE’s interaction with Brazil’s national government, and the importance of replicating the successful CIOESTE model throughout Brazil.
  • Laura Lúcia Vieira Ceneviva, Executive Secretary of the Climate Change Committee and Eco-economy of Sao Paulo, who gives her view on Brazil’s hopes of achieving its greenhouse gas emission reduction targets.
  • Igor Reis de Albuquerque, Climate Change Manager, ICLEI Latin America Secretariat, who talks about the transversality of low carbon development among different sectors, related to the economic opportunities for climate change.
  • Francisco Maciel, Executive Secretary, CIOESTE, who discusses CIOESTE’s history and its role as a public agency in Brazil. Francisco also identifies CIOESTE’s focus on sustainable growth, and highlights how LEDS GP has helped align this growth at the subnational level by providing specific tools and methods for measuring the effectiveness of specific programs.

The following video is in Portuguese with English subtitles:

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A full blog post from Francisco Maciel will be available on the website shortly.

Photo: Diego Torres Silvestre