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Showcasing the work of the LEDS Global Partnership: New factsheets November 2016

Read the new and updated factsheets from our Working Groups, Regional Platforms, and Global Partnership.

*Please note these have been updated as of November 2017*

The factsheets identify specific areas of expertise and priority areas of focus, case studies, and examples of technical assistance across a number of regions and themes.

LEDS GP engages leaders from over 300 institutions across government agencies, technical institutes, international agencies, and NGOs. We support effective development and implementation of new LEDS worldwide by national and subnational governments. To achieve this, LEDS GP harnesses the collective knowledge and resources of our global membership – drawn from 79 countries plus international donor and technical organizations, and involving over 300 institutions.

Read more about the activities of the Global Partnership, Regional Platforms, Working Groups, and Remote Expert Assistance on LEDS (REAL) service by downloading the factsheets below.

Photo: Lakshman Nadaraja/World Bank

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