Asia LEDS Partnership community of practice on clean energy investment

Following the launch of the communities of practice on grid-integrated renewable energy and clean mobility, the Asia LEDS Partnership (ALP) have launched a new Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) finance community of practice on accelerating investment into clean energy across Asia. We invite expressions of interest from ALP members to participate in the community of practice.

The NDC Finance community of practice will initially cover learning and technical collaboration for the following topics:

  • Lowering the cost and risk of capital: identify strategies and interventions to lower the cost and risk of capital for renewable energy finance. Tentative topics planned include blended capital, green banks, green bonds, low carbon project preparation and financing strategies.
  • Attracting private finance through smart policy and enabling environments through regulations, permitting, pricing and other financial incentives.

In 2018, the activities of the NDC Finance community of practice will focus on peer learning, expert assistance and knowledge exchange through discussions, country visits, workshops, seminars, and case studies. Please read the concept note for additional information.

We invite you to nominate suitable persons from national (e.g. Ministries of finance, energy, environment, national energy commissions) and subnational governments, the private sector, utilities, academia, and international organizations that design, finance and implement renewable energy programs.

Participating countries: Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, others TBD

How to join: Please join here. For more information, please email and  

Upcoming activities: currently being defined – first launch meeting to discuss activities will take place in May

The ALP will be launching a community of practice on subnational integration shortly. To read more about the ALP’s Energy and Transport Community of practice that were launched recently please click on the following links:

Should you have any questions, please feel free to write to:

Photo: Asian Development Bank/Flickr