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Asian Clean Energy Finance Mobilization Community of Practice

The Asian Clean Energy Finance Mobilization Community of Practice will address real-time finance, policy and technical challenges to rapidly accelerate investment flows into clean energy implementation efforts across the Asia region. It will do this by bringing together key government and private sector decision makers to:

1)     Rapidly identify key barriers to investment mobilization in clean energy at the political, regulatory and financial levels on a country-by-country basis.

2)     Develop rapid response political, regulatory and capital markets interventions to address those barriers.

3)     Coordinate with partner country governments, donors, philanthropy and the private sector to implement the identified interventions and solutions in a targeted and cost-efficient manner.

Focus topics will include:

  • Lowering the cost and risk of capital: this CoP will identify (and where possible deploy) strategies and interventions to lower the cost and risk of capital for renewable energy finance. Lower cost capital, particularly debt, has been identified as a key need and is particularly important in markets where fossil fuel prices are heavily subsidized and renewable energy may not be cost-competitive (as is the case across much of Asia). The CoP will examine various country and region-specific interventions including: blended capital, green banks, green bonds, and low carbon project preparation strategies.
  • Attracting private finance through smart policy and enabling environments: the Finance CoP will focus on key regulatory and enabling environment issues that are impeding capital flows into clean energy infrastructure in the region. This includes work on regulations, permitting, pricing and other financial incentives administered by CoP member governments. The CoP will place a particular emphasis on facilitating public private dialogue and exchange on key regulatory and policy matters in a targeted and neutral manner.

Participating countries: Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, others TBD

How to join: Please join here. For more information, please email and  

Upcoming activities: currently being defined – first launch meeting to discuss activities will take place in May

Photo: Asian Development Bank/Flickr

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