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Achieving sustainable development through low emission actions: New opportunities with LEDS GP and partners

LEDS GP is strengthening its initiative to identify and make the case for development actions and investments that are good for the global climate – and support benefits for local people in the short and long term.

Understanding the links between climate action and human development is essential to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement. However, in practice, it is a challenge to identify actions which support a more stable climate and also local human development benefits in the short and long-term. That is why the LEDS GP is renewing its efforts to support policy-makers and development professionals to pursue their climate and development objectives in an integrated way.

The LEDS GP is committed to supporting knowledge exchange and peer learning on  ‘big picture’ concepts in climate and development integration. The Partnership also aims to support discussion and learning on processes, tools and frameworks to address synergies and trade-offs.

The Partnership is launching a renewed effort to share key resources and services that link climate and development actions – and which look at practical ways to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris climate commitments (countries’ Nationally Determined Contributions) at once.

Every month, the team will be sharing best practice tools, frameworks, and case studies via the LEDS GP newsletter (sign up here). The initiative begins with this month’s round-up on services and resources to support development-focused climate action. The initiative is a joint project of the LEDS GP Global Secretariat, Regional Platforms and partners at UNEP DTU and the NewClimate Institute, the Joint Implementation Network and the Center for Climate Strategies, among other partners.

In 2018 and 2019, the team is planning more activities on sustainable development impact assessment, such as knowledge exchanges, webinars and remote training, which will build on LEDS Regional Platforms’ priorities.

If you would like to opt in to be further engaged with thought leadership and design of Sustainable Development Impact activities through the LEDS GP, please email

Photo: Rwanda Green Fund/Flickr

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