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RALI technical assistance opportunity: Supporting the transition to sustainable development

The USAID Resources to Advance LEDS Implementation (RALI) project is partnering with LEDS GP to promote its no-cost technical assistance to USAID priority countries looking to accelerate the transition to low carbon, climate resilient economies.

As countries adopt strategies to pursue low emission development, they need information to demonstrate the benefits of such strategies, and to efficiently achieve and amplify positive impacts. The RALI project helps developing countries speed their transition to low emission, climate resilient economies. RALI supports the technically rigorous development and implementation of low emission development strategies (LEDS) by providing tools, technical assistance, and resources to support USAID and its partners, as well as host country governments for LEDS implementation.

The RALI project is teaming up with the LEDS GP to offer no-cost technical assistance on:

  • Enhancing transparency. RALI supports municipal, national, and regional entities in strengthening their greenhouse gas inventories, which can improve the accuracy, transparency, and accountability of reporting under the Paris Agreement. Support can include defining institutional arrangements, supporting data documentation and archiving, and quality assurance/control.
  • Information technology (IT) design and innovative information management. RALI supported the Government of Colombia in designing and prototyping a greenhouse gas data management platform to support its national greenhouse gas inventory. RALI offers support to other countries in conducting a baseline IT analysis and developing a blueprint for robust and flexible data management platforms.
  • Harmonizing greenhouse gas accounting. The RALI team has developed a six-step framework for harmonizing greenhouse gas accounting data, methodologies, and emission factors between country-led projects and their national greenhouse gas inventory (see concept note). Harmonized greenhouse gas accounting can help ensure that a country’s climate actions are accurately reflected in its national greenhouse gas inventory.
  • Governance and LEDS planning. RALI provides technical assistance to support Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) implementation. This can include strengthening multilevel climate governance, clean energy planning, green growth planning, supporting increased gender diversity, and other policy support.
  • Benefits of low emission development. RALI offers analysis of the benefits associated with climate action, such as employment or health impacts.

RALI support is only available to USAID priority countries and the program offers technical assistance on a case-by-case basis. Qualifying inquiries received by the LEDS GP REAL service will be forwarded to RALI for consideration.

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Photo: Maria Fleischmann / World Bank

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