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Case study

Climate action planning in Cartagena, Colombia

Countries and regions
Colombia, Latin America and Caribbean
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Case summary

A Competitive and Climate Compatible Cartagena (Plan 4C) positions Cartagena as the first coastal city in Colombia to have a long term vision and a framework of planning and action to achieve climate compatible development by 2040.

It provides definitive responses with which to deal with the challenge of climate change through concrete strategies and actions to promote sectoral competitiveness in the long term, reduce poverty in the city and the islands and create opportunities for its citizens. The adaptation and mitigation measures proposed in Plan 4C offer the city and its islands an interesting range of possibilities and opportunities for the social and economic development of its population.

Planning and implementation activity
Developing Strategies and Plans, Sub-national Action and Integration, Linking with the Sustainable Development Goals
Institutions involved

Government of Cartagena, CDKN

Developing strategies and plans
Low Emission Development Strategies
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LEDS Global Partnership

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