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Financing energy transformation at the subnational level in Peru

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Peru, Latin America and Caribbean
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Case summary

This project presents Lima’s rapid fuel matrix switch from high sulfur content diesel to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)— mitigating risks, innovating financial structures, and pioneering information and communication technologies (ICTs) to establish an enabling environment at the local level.

In less than 9 years, the COFIGAS program has created partnerships that put more than 199,276 CNG vehicles in circulation (156,676 vehicles converted from diesel or gasoline and 42,600 new CNG vehicles). In addition, in three years (2009-2011), financing was approved for the acquisition of 714 new CNG buses for public transportation.

Planning and implementation activity
Developing and Implementing Policies and Measures, Financing Implementation
Institutions involved

National Development Bank of Peru, INFOGAS

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LEDS Global Partnership

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