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Case study

Low carbon pathways toward sustainability: The experience of Bogor City

Countries and regions
Indonesia, East Asia and Pacific
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Case summary

This 'Inside story on climate compatible development' from the Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN) looks at how, since 2013, the Urban Low Emission Development Strategies (Urban-LEDS) project has offered Bogor City an opportunity to integrate low carbon strategies not just in the transport sector but in its local development plans, supporting the city’s vision of adopting sustainability to transform Bogor into a more liveable city.

The project introduced ICLEI’s GreenClimateCities framework, using the analyze – act–accelerate model to offer customized guidance to Bogor City. Within 2.5 years of continuous engagement and capacity building, and numerous exchange visits with other participating countries, Bogor City’s low carbon plan has been developed and is now ready to move towards implementation.

Planning and implementation activity
Developing Strategies and Plans, Governance and Stakeholder Engagement
Institutions involved
  • Bogor City Government,
  • Regional Development and Planning Agency
Developing strategies and plans
Low Emission Development Strategies
Sectors and themes
Transport, Urban
Source details
Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN)

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