Climate Action Accelerator



The Climate Action Accelerator provides targeted technical assistance to developing countries, government agencies, and other members to advance ambitious climate action.

Ad hoc support for NDCs, LTS, and transparency systems

Do you need support in designing, implementing, or updating your Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC), Long-term Strategies (LTS), or transparency systems? The Climate Action Accelerator is available. It is a global advisory network providing rapid, high-quality, short-term technical assistance for developing countries. The Secretariat of the Climate Action Accelerator is hosted by NREL in Colorado.

Request Assistance

The Climate Action Accelerator accepts requests from developing countries, government agencies, and technical or other institutions and organizations that are working directly with national governments to plan and implement their NDCs, LTS, or transparency systems.

To request support, please send an email to

The Climate Action Accelerator at Work

Tools for NDC/LTS updates and NDC implementation such as for assessing baselines, goals, technology, policy options, pathways, and impacts

Strategies and measures for mobilizing private and public investment in NDC and LTS priorities

Methods and resources for linking national and subnational governments in the NDC and LTS planning and implementation processes

Policies and programs for implementing climate-resilient low-emission measures in the energy, waste, agriculture, forestry, and other land use (AFOLU) and transport sectors

Alignment of NDCs and LTS

Review of GHG inventories for specific sectors

Preparation for the submission of the Biennial Update Report (BUR) and the future Biennial Transparency Report (BTR)

Establishing sustainable and robust transparency systems, including appropriate institutional arrangements

For more information, please consult our brochure

LEDS GP has been rebranded as the Global Climate Action Partnership (GCAP)

After a decade of advancing climate planning and implementation processes powered by collaboration and peer learning across brilliant members across the world, the LEDS GP was rebranded as the Global Climate Action Partnership (GCAP). As part of this rebranding effort, we redefined our strategic approach to emphasize supporting country-driven implementation actions to achieve resilient, just, and inclusive low emission and net zero economies. GCAP will also strengthen the role that developing countries play in driving partnership priorities and programs, including the establishment of a developing country council of climate leaders.