Africa LEDS Partnership CoPs

Soil Organic Carbon Community of Practice

The Soil Organic Carbon Community of Practice (SOC CoP) is an interactive network that addresses real-time policy, capacity and technical challenges affecting the integration of SOC in Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) and in the development of Long-tern Strategies (LTS). It is a platform for ongoing collaboration to allow for deeper learning and sustained participation, continuous access to tools and expert assistance, and to foster champions that will serve as role models for other countries in the regions.

Priority Areas

The Soil Organic Carbon Community of Practice in Africa will focus on building sustainable partnerships and will provide a platform for an informed expert exchange between African soil experts in science and practice with country officials working in the AFOLU sector on, for example:

Concrete SOC measures and approaches in terms of their contribution to mitigation and adaptation
Quantification approaches and methods on SOC in for considerations in NDCs and LTS
Co-benefits of SOC measures for livelihoods, ecosystem conservation targets or the Green Economy at large (incl. post-Covid19 recovery)