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Africa AFOLU Community of Practice

Many countries in Africa are championing efforts to catalyze low emission, climate resilient development. The Africa AFOLU (Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Use) Community of Practice is an interactive network comprised of national and subnational governments, technical institutions, businesses, non-profits and other international organizations that addresses real-time policy and technical challenges and solutions related to the AFOLU sector. It is a platform for ongoing collaboration to allow for deeper learning and sustained participation, continuous access to tools and expert assistance, and to foster champions that will serve as role models for other countries in the regions.

The AFOLU Community of Practice in Africa focuses on facilitating peer to peer exchange, providing training and technical assistance and sharing best practices on:

  1. agroforestry action as a driver of socioeconomic development and emission reduction
  2. linking agricultural production with small-scale energy sources to enable socio-economic development and emission reductions
  3. analytical approaches to assess greenhouse gas emissions and socioeconomic development impact of actions across the energy and agriculture sector through integrating models and translating approaches into policies and actions.

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Online interactive sessions

AFOLU Community of Practice launch webinar

Jobs and economic development impact assessment across the AFOLU and energy sectors: Adapting the I-JEDI model

Linking small-scale energy and agriculture to support development and climate goals

Agroforestry and low carbon development in Africa online learning session – lessons and good practices

This webinar will focus on good practices and lessons learned to support agroforestry in the Africa region, building on global experience in the context of LEDS. During the session, the AFOLU Working Group of the LEDS Global Partnership will present global experiences and a deep dive presentation from one African country. The session will conclude with a discussion on key needs for agroforestry and related support.

Upcoming activities

Africa AFOLU
Activity Timeline
Agroforestry and low carbon development in Africa online learning session August 2018
Case studies development September 2018
In person regional training October 2018
Online moderated discussion on translating AFOLU analysis to concrete policy and actions December 2018
Sharing of resources and access to advisory support March-December 2018
Lessons learned report December 2018
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How to join

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