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ICLEI webinar: Low carbon solutions for urban development challenges

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This webinar is being held by ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, a member of LEDS GP.

This webinar will be held twice on 22nd March at 9.00am GMT and again at 2.30pm GMT.

Local governments play a crucial role in defining and harnessing the benefits of urban low emission development pathways. However, they often lack the time and staff capacity to fully explore urban low emission development opportunities to remain up to date on current good practices and technology. This webinar, from ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, showcases the Solutions Gateway, an online knowledge sharing platform for local governments.

The Solutions Gateway provides in-depth guidance and expertise on proven solutions for low emission and sustainable development. It offers political decision makers the big picture on various hot topics from a single reliable source and provides them a platform to showcase local best practices, experts and technologies, while simultaneously offering detailed guidance and practice-oriented resources to technical staff tackling specific programs and projects. These resources include a pool of experts – a global multi-disciplinary network of professionals – and a finance decision-making support tool.


  • Welcome by the moderator, Maryke van Staden, Manager of ICLEI’s Low Carbon City Agenda and ICLEI’s international coordinator of the Urban-LEDS project
  • The Urban-LEDS project in a nutshell, Maryke van Staden or UN-Habitat representative
  • Virtual tour of the Solutions Gateway, Ana Marques, Senior Officer, Low Carbon Cities, ICLEI
  • A pool of experts within your reach, Agathe Cavicchioli, Junior Officer, Low Carbon Cities, ICLEI
  • Finance decision-making support tool, Chang Deng-Beck, Project Officer, Low Carbon Cities, ICLEI
  • Cooperation with Solution Gateway’s supporters, TBC
  • Testimonies from cities; questions and answers, open to all participants
  • Launch of the Solutions Gateway sourcebook and next steps, Maryke van Staden

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Construction workers, Indonesia, courtesy World Bank.

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