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WRI Sustainable Cities webinar: Revolutionizing India’s commuting experience

This webinar is being held by the World Resources Institute Sustainable Cities, a member of LEDS GP.

Register for the first webinar of the series here.

This webinar series, from the World Resources Institute Sustainable Cities, reviews the success of the Car-Free Days movement in Gurgaon and Karnal. to reduce congestion

Following the success of Raahgiri Day , where stretches of roads were closed to create a new new safe, healthy, eco-friendly and vibrant city street experience for local communities, Car-Free Days in Gurgaon was launched with the request that people voluntarily give up their cars every Tuesday, and instead, use alternate modes of commuting. Despite a number of concerns regarding the outcome, various city administrations have supported the initiative and, gradually made it into a success story.

Car-Free Days was organized by Gurgaon Police and the Gurgaon Administration, in partnership with the NASSCOM regional council and WRI India Sustainable Cities, with support from various businesses and media organizations started Car-Free Day in Gurgaon.


In this webinar, our panelists will discuss key factors that contributed to the success of Car-Free Days, challenges that the core team had to overcome while preparing for its launch, and the on-ground impact that has been observed. This will an opportunity for other cities to learn and raise questions to the panelists regarding initiating Car-Free Days in their neighborhoods.

You can send us your questions for the panelists at least 3 hours prior to the webinar via e-mail to Snehil Sinha at and Kanika Jindal at

Register for the first webinar of the series here.


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