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LEDS GP Fellowship Program – more information

***Applications closed***

Please see below for more information on our Fellowship Program, including selection criteria, Terms and Conditions, and how to apply.


  • Fellows must be members of the LEDS GP through one of the regional platforms.
  • Fellows may be individuals, or groups of practitioners. They may develop capabilities through mutual exchange and learning (fellow-to-fellow exchanges on a common problem), or through a collaborative arrangement (learning arrangement) with a specific LEDS leader or lead institution.
  • Applications must present a clear outline of: the purpose for the attachment; rationale for the selection of the host institution; what will be learned through the exchange and the way in which the outcomes of the learning and exchange will be applied by the home institution within a particular LEDS and/or NDC process. The outline will also set out the roles and responsibilities of individuals within the home and host institutions.
  • The application must also set out a budget for the proposed fellowship up to a maximum value of USD 15,000 (see Terms and Conditions).

The fellowships will provide support for attachments by supporting the cost of airfares and living costs. Consideration will be given to supporting course fees where these are integral to the purpose of the fellowship and within the boundary of the total cost limit for the fellowship.

Criteria for selection include:

  • the degree to which they could lead to a transformative impact on a national or subnational LEDS
  • the commitment of home institutions to apply what is learned
  • the opportunities for sharing learning with a wider group of LEDS/NDC practitioners beyond those directly involved in the fellowship exchange, including nationally and regionally.


The following activities will be eligible for the LEDS GP Fellowship Program, with priority given to South-South exchanges:

  1. Short-term assignments embedded with other government agencies. Developing country government officials and technical staff working with government agencies in other countries, to learn about and contribute to a key element of LEDS planning, analysis, and implementation.
  2. Short-term assignments embedded with technical institutes. Developing country government officials and technical staff, and possibly also staff from LEDS support organizations, working with technical institutes to learn about and contribute to a key LEDS element or a tool where that institute has deep expertise. The emphasis here would be on development of specific high value skills that the participants will apply.
  3. Expertise embedded within national or subnational systems. LEDS practitioner(s) and/or staff from technical institutes and international organizations (as a sending institutions) are embed within a national or sub-national administration to enable mentoring and transfer of expertise to a group of fellows within that administration.

Preference will be given to officials and other practitioners who express a clear and specific objective related to strengthening the quality or implementation of a national or subnational LEDS and clear links to their country’s NDC goal by applying learning gained through the fellowship program. Applications for the following are particularly welcomed:

  • fellowships based on South–South exchange
  • strong applications by women practitioners
  • fellowships that include objectives related to creating a deeper understanding, or improving gender-sensitive implementation, of LEDS and NDCs.

Fellows will be expected to provide an inception report, a report at the conclusion of the attachment, and a three-page case study setting out the purpose and impact of the fellowship for public dissemination and publication on the LEDS GP website. They will also be involved with follow-up after 3 months and assessment of the pilot phase of the fellowship scheme.

***Applications closed***

See here for detailed Terms and Conditions.

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