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GCF 101 – A comprehensive guide on how to access the Green Climate Fund

The GCF produced this guide to act as a simple, comprehensive road map for anybody who would like to access the financial resources of the Fund. The guide addresses the different funding opportunities the Fund provides and is structured in four sections: ‘Empowering Countries’ (which covers the Readiness Support the GCF provides to help countries prepare to access the Fund); ‘Getting Accredited’ (which describes how the GCF channels its funding via Accredited Entities, and how to become one); Funding Projects (the process of preparing projects and submitting them for evaluation by the Fund); and ‘Implementing Projects’ (which covers the legal and monitoring arrangements necessary for project implementation). Each of these sections provides a simple overview, a step by step guide on how to apply, and a set of frequently asked questions. Links to more detailed documents and templates are provided throughout the guide.

For further information on direct access see 4.5.

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