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Methodology guidebook for the assessment of investment and financial flows to address climate change

UNDP commissioned this guidebook to support developing countries in undertaking bottom-up, national, and sectoral analyses of the costs of mitigation and adaptation. It provides step by step guidance on assessing the changes in investments in physical assets and in programmatic measures needed to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to climate change in key sectors. Investments range in type and scale from household investments in appliances, and corporate and government investments in infrastructure, to government investments in education and outreach. The approach is designed to be implemented at national level, and is flexible so that it can be adapted to country specific needs and conditions. The guidebook provides a good basis for evaluating financing needs in the context of LEDS. Developed by UNDP with a group of international experts and regional centers of excellence, this guidebook is one of a series of three guidance documents; the other two are Preparing a workplan for the investment & financial flows assessment, and Reporting guidelines for the assessment of investment and financial flows to address climate change.

The methodology guidebook is also available as single chapters (including French, Spanish, and Russian versions), along with the workplan guidance, and reporting guidelines, on the UNDP’s Climate Community website under Financial Analysis > Methodology.


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