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Climate Helpdesk Eligibility and requirements

To be eligible for technical assistance through the Climate Helpdesk service, you must:

  1. Be a member of the LEDS Global Partnership.
  1. Be a national or subnational government organization, or your inquiry is on behalf of a government organization.
  2. Send the request either by:

A LEDS GP Secretariat Member will contact you within three business days.

Expectations of Requestors

Upon submission of your request:

Information will be requested on how expert assistance or matchmaking with other countries can be applied to support your proposal, adoption of implementation of any low emission development policies, plans, laws or measures by your national or subnational government.

After delivery of assistance:

LEDS GP Secretariat will ask you to provide feedback on the value of the assistance within one week of the provision of the services. Additional feedback will be sought after two months the support is completed with a focus on the application of the learning and support received to advance design and implementation of low emission policies and measures. LEDS GP will use this feedback publicly only with your explicit permission. Your feedback is extremely important to us as we help foster peer-to-peer learning in an effort to advance LEDS planning and implementation across the world.

As part of the LEDS GP peer learning and sharing of lessons nature, the LEDS GP Secretariat encourages that lessons from this assistance be shared with other members who may benefit from the materials produced. Sensitive material will be removed from publicly available information and we will provide a draft of any materials to be shared publicly for your review and approval.

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