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Climate Helpdesk Partners

LEDS GP collaborates with the following organizations to provide ask an expert advice to LEDS GP member governments:

  • Clean Solutions Energy Center (CESC) – CESC provides no-cost assistance to help governments design and adopt policies and programs that support the deployment of clean energy technologies. The Solutions Center relies on a global network of experts to provide rapid response assistance to governments seeking clean energy policy or finance technical assistance. The Solutions Center also offers webinars and training forums, as well as an extensive online resource library featuring the most relevant clean energy policy reports, policy data and policy tools to help governments design and implement clean energy policies.
  • Climate and Technology Centre Network (CTCN) – The CTCN promotes the transfer of climate technologies at the request of developing countries for energy efficient, low carbon and climate resilient development. Support is provided through all stages of the technology cycle: from identification of technology needs and policy advice to deployment and links to financing.
  • Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC) – CCAC Expert Assistance is a no-cost service that connects an extensive network of professionals for consultation and advice on a range of short-lived climate pollution issues and policies, including black carbon and methane emissions from sources such as and waste management, agriculture, bricks production, transport and oil and gas production. Experts will provide guidance on technological options, mitigation measures, funding opportunities, application of measurement tools, and policy development.
  • NAMA Partnership – The international partnership on Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) has been created to enhance collaboration and complementarity of the activities of the different organizations to accelerate support to developing countries in preparation and implementation of their NAMAs.
  • NDC Help Desk – The NDC Support Cluster has established a platform for providing flexible support to deal with a number of challenges around NDC implementation in developing countries. The Help Desk works through a network of experts in different fields related to NDC implementation, namely Political and Institutional Frameworks, Sector Approaches, Financing, and Data and Transparency. The NDC Help Desk does not provide funding directly to countries, but instead supports the provision of short-term technical assistance provided by experts on specific NDC-related challenges. The established support services for NDC implementation complements the existing services provided by LEDS GP under the Remote Expert Assistance on LEDS (REAL), and not duplicate them. The topics of the NDC Helpdesk and REAL are differentiated, and there will be communication across the platforms.
  • Partnership on Transparency in the Paris Agreement – The Partnership on Transparency in the Paris Agreement supports international efforts to engage in practical exchanges and political dialogue on climate transparency. The new enhanced transparency system is of particular importance in this context, as it helps build up mutual trust, fosters partner countries’ growing ambitions, and by this, helps to limit global temperature rise to well below 2°C and ideally to 1.5°C. As a semi-formal forum, the Partnership has gained international recognition. Today more than 100 countries participate in its various activities.

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