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2010 Solar market transformation analysis and tools

This document describes the US Department of Energy-funded solar market transformation analysis and tools under development in Fiscal Year 2010 so that stakeholders can access available resources and get engaged where interested. Projects covered in the publication include:

Solar America Cities Crosscutting Projects

  • PACE Financing
  • Financial Calculator for Solar on Public Buildings
  • PV Cost Convergence Model
  • Solar Rooftop Optimization Tool
  • Solar Ready Building Practices
  • Structural Design & Permitting for Solar Systems
  • Economic Development Study
  • Community Solar
  • Solar Applications for Emergency Preparedness – (Canceled)
  • Solar and Historic Preservation
  • Solar America Cities Metrics
  • SunCity Planning Model

Solar Project and Policy Analysis Tools

  • Utility Rate Open Platform Database Development
  • Open PV Mapping Project
  • Open PV: Visualization/Exploration Series
  • Open PV: Breakeven Scenario Forecasting Tool
  • Solar Project Analysis Tool Improvements/Dissemination
  • Solar Project How-To Manual for Federal Sites
  • Renewable Energy Project Finance WebView
  • Feed-in Tariff Collaborative

Solar America Board for Codes and Standards (Solar ABCs)

  • Flammability Testing of Standard Roofing Products in the Presence of Standoff mounted PV Modules
  • Potential Impact of Advanced Metering Infrastructure on Renewable Energy Policy
  • High Wind Loads and Model Code for PV Arrays
  • Accelerated Lifetime Testing Background Research and Protocol
  • PV Module Power Rating
  • Understanding the Cal Fire Photovoltaic Installation Guidelines
  • State Policy Options for Valuing Distributed PV Generation
  • Rate Impact of Net Metering
  • Review of FERC’s Interconnection Screens
  • PV Module Frame Grounding
  • Inverter Meter Standard

View the publication here: 2010 Solar market transformation analysis and tools.