Atmospheric Composition Change the European Network (ACCENT) Plus

12pm, October 08th, 2015

Atmospheric Composition Change the European Network (ACCENT) Plus coordinates European research on atmospheric composition and its evolution as a result of human activities.

Fragmentation of research efforts, lack of a shared scientific vision and insufficient availability of research tools, shared databases, etc., is a major limitation for the understanding of atmospheric composition change over Europe under a changing climate, and the consequent inadequate transfer of prospects to the decision makers for future policies.

The ACCENT Plus project builds on the successful efforts of the NoE ACCENT which has brought together the atmospheric science community engaged in global change and air pollution studies. ACCENT Plus aims at extending the breath of the previous ACCENT phase to reach out to the policy community, facilitating the transfer of research results into policy/decision making.

The overarching question that ACCENT Plus aims to answer is: “How can Europe control the composition of its atmosphere under a changing climate?” A prerequisite to achieve this goal is to maintain the coordination and integration of the European science community in the field of atmospheric composition change and to strengthen the outreach from the science domain into the policy arena and, where possible, to wider global decision making activities, by producing integrated assessment and synthesis and connecting science and policy making by transferring to the decision makers the important links between air quality and climate change and the prospects and benefits of co-control policies. ACCENT Plus also aims at preserving and enhancing the excellence of European global change and air quality research within the European research area context.


ACCENT Plus factsheet.

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  • European Commission
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