BenMAP-CE user manual

4pm, September 29th, 2015

This is a manual to the Environmental Benefits Mapping and Analysis Program—Community Edition (BenMAP-CE); a program that helps estimate the number and economic value of health impacts resulting from changes in air pollution concentrations.

Most users apply the BenMAP-CE tool to answer one of two types of questions:

1. What are the human health and economic benefits associated with a policy improving air quality?

2. What is the human health burden attributable to total air pollution levels?

While the BenMAP-CE development team designed the program to be accessible to novice users, the tool includes a number of features that will appeal to advanced analysts as well. For example, analysts can add their own health impact and valuation functions, map results, and perform a suite of sensitivity analyses. Beginning users can take advantage of U.S. EPA’s pre-programmed settings and reports in the core program.

Read the BenMAP-CE user manual.

Institutions Involved

  • Research Triangle Institute (RTI) International and US Environmental Protection Agency
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