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Buildings & climate change: a summary for decision-makers

This report, Buildings & climate change: a summary for decision-makers, presents the current state of thinking on how the potential for greenhouse gas emission reductions in buildings can be realized.

It has been compiled by the Sustainable Building and Climate Initiative (SBCI), a UNEP-hosted partnership between the UN and public and private stakeholders in the building sector, which promotes sustainable building practices globally.

The building sector contributes up to 30% of global annual green house gas emissions and consumes up to 40% of all energy. If nothing is done, greenhouse gas emissions from buildings will more than double in the next 20 years. Therefore, if targets for greenhouse gas emissions reduction are to be met, it is clear that decision-makers must tackle emissions from the building sector. Mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions from buildings must be a cornerstone of every national climate change strategy.

This report draws together the findings of three years of research by SBCI and it’s partners. It sets out priority actions that can be taken by policy makers and industry stakeholders locally, regionally and globally to deliver economically beneficial and significant reductions in building-related greenhouse gas emissions.

Read Buildings & climate change: a summary for decision-makers.