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Business models for energy access

This paper, Business models for energy access, provides a series of case studies in Asia and Africa in which countries attempted to stimulate financing for modern energy in rural areas.

Starting in 2009, the ETC Foundation has been organizing a systematic training and coaching trajectory in order to build capacity on private sector cooperation and business development services

This publication is the final product of the business development service (BDS) trajectory to strengthen private-sector cooperation in the rural energy sectors.

It aims to show the strategies and activities that Enabling Access to Sustainable Energy (EASE) partners in Bolivia, Cambodia, Laos, Mali, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda and Viet Nam are implementing to stimulate commercial access to modern energy in the rural areas of their countries.

These strategies and activities specifically aim to remove obstacles in rural energy value chains, and to improve the availability of business services.

EASE is a network of 19 partners in eight developing countries that aims to scale up energy access for the poor through sustainable local business models.

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