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Charting a new low-carbon route to development – A primer on integrated climate change planning for regional governments

This publication addresses options which, when tailored to specific circumstances, could help balance the pursuit of both climate change mitigation and the investments needed to accelerate poverty reduction and development. It also considers how to meet the adaptation needs that many countries will face.

This Primer introduces a set of approaches to help sub-national authorities through the whole process of designing their Integrated Territorial Climate Plan (ITCP), from setting objectives and participatory arrangements for the preparation of the Plan, to financing priority activities. The main audience for this publication is the public development practitioner at the subnational level, as well as domestic and international experts involved in assisting with regional development, who wish to examine and understand the instruments available for regional and local governments to become engaged in climate change mitigation and adaptation as an integral part of their development and planning process.

The Primer is divided into two parts – Part 1: Scaling Up Efforts to Address Climate Change and Part II: Preparing an Integrated Territorial Climate Plan. Part I contends that the world only has 100 months to address climate change (Chapter 1) and that scaling up efforts to meet climate change challenges will require a dramatic shift in public and private investments from fossil fuels to more sustainable climate-friendly alternatives (Chapter 2). It will also require the full engagement of regional and local governments, whose decisions can influence 50-80% of greenhouse gas emissions and most site-dependent adaptation initiatives (Chapter 3), as well as the formulation of innovative policy development and planning instruments, such as ITCPs, to promote long-term planning and to incorporate climate change considerations into decision-making (Chapter 4).

View the Primer here: Charting a new low-carbon route to development – A primer on integrated climate change planning for regional governments.

View the accompanying Mapping climate change vulnerability and impact scenarios – A guidebook for subnational planners.