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China 2050 Pathways Calculator

This tool, the China 2050 Pathways Calculator, allows policy makers and others to test different technological pathways towards a low-carbon economy in China by 2050. Developed by China’s Energy Research Institute (ERI) with support from the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), this China 2050 Pathways Calculator allows users to compute projections of energy demand, primary energy supply, and greenhouse gas emissions in China over the next decades and graphically illustrate the results. A multitude of implications can be forecasted for electricity production, resource supply, energy flow and security, and costs. The tool also contains several “example pathways” that display predetermined hypotheses based on variables like industry transformation, green lifestyle, and implementation of varying energy sources.

The 2050 Calculator can outline, in minutes, months of work from technical experts. It allows you to answer the fundamental questions of how your energy system can evolve over the coming decades and its impact on emissions, energy security, land-use, electricity systems, energy development, costs etc. With three different levels of detail it can be used to engage technicians, policy makers and the general public with their energy and emissions choices. It promotes an ‘energy literate’ debate and brings your energy and emissions data alive.

Key questions addressed:

  • How can my country feasibly reduce GHG emissions by at least 80% by 2050, relative to 1990 levels?
  • What are the GHG impacts and contributions of various behavioral and policy actions?

Sample data inputs:

  • Scenario option for each category

Sample quantitative outputs:

  • Supply and demand of energy and electricity
  • Total emissions
  • Energy flows
  • Area of land required
  • Impact on air quality
  • Energy security and cost

Access the tool now: China 2050 Pathways Calculator.

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Tool Summary

  • Free
Expertise Required:
  • Moderate
Geographic Scope:
  • National
  • Sectoral
  • Policy
Impacts Assessed:
  • Economic
    • Energy Security
    • General
  • Environmental
    • Air
    • Greenhouse Gases
  • Social
    • Public Health