Clean Development Mechanism Pipeline

1pm, October 08th, 2015

The Clean Development Mechanism Pipeline contains all Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)/Joint Implementation (JI) projects that have been sent for validation/determination.

It also contains the baseline & monitoring methodologies, a list of DOEs and several analyses. This monthly newsletter shows a sample of the analysis in the Pipeline. If you want more information, then look into the left column and click on the links to sub-pages or click on the download for the full Pipeline, which contain tables with a line of key information for all CDM and JI projects. You can also download a rather old guidance document to the Pipeline.

Useful tables/graphs on the site include:

  • Status of CDM projects
  • Number of CDM projects
  • Registered projects over time
  • Certified Emission Reduction (CER)s
  • CERs until 2012

Access the Clean Development Mechanism Pipeline.

Institutions Involved

  • UN Environment Programme (UNEP) DTU Partnership
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