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Climate, agriculture and food security: A strategy for change

To highlight the importance of agriculture, livestock, forestry and fisheries in relation to climate change adaptation and mitigation and to demonstrate the importance of the Consultative Group for International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) in moving the science agenda forward, the Alliance of the CGIAR Centers commissioned this report. The report is organized around the six themes of the Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) science plan to emphasize the importance of this new strategic initiative and to show how the new program builds on, and complements, the work already done by the centres and the other programs.

This report will be an important input to the Agriculture and Rural Development Day and to the Forest Day held in Copenhagen in conjunction with the United Nations climate negotiations in December 2009. With a focus on “The road after Copenhagen: priority strategies and actions for ensuring food security and rural development in the face of climate change”, the Agriculture and Rural Development Day will bring together policy makers and negotiators, rural development practitioners, producers, civil society and the agricultural and climate change scientific community to highlight the importance of agriculture in climate change and to identify the ‘no-regret’ priorities for agriculture and food security where the world needs to take action. The event will develop a workplan with strategies and actions to fully incorporate agriculture into the post-Copenhagen agenda.

There is no time to lose in transforming knowledge into action. But the knowledge of today is not enough. Science must advance quickly toward new frontiers, in search of greater understanding and more powerful solutions. We hope that this report will inform and stimulate discussions in Copenhagen during COP-15 and beyond. The CGIAR centres, their partners, and the international science community will continue to provide the solid basis of scientific understanding to assist policy makers as well as the public and private sectors in developing strategies for sustainable development and food security under climate change. Agriculture in its widest sense will be affected by a changing climate, but is also part of the solution.

View the report here: Climate, agriculture and food security: A strategy for change