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Climate Change and Development Centre

Resources from the Climate Change and Development Centre (CCDC) promote “collaborative research and policy analysis, delivering high quality research programmes, knowledge services, teaching and training.”

Efforts to integrate climate change adaptation into the development process must ensure that the most vulnerable groups are central to the rapidly expanding climate change research and policy agenda. At the same time, future international climate change regimes must be built on principles of equity, deliver dramatic carbon reductions, establish low-carbon development pathways and provide funding mechanisms that reach the most vulnerable people.

Colleagues across the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) are carrying out research and policy analysis on climate change through CCDC:

  • IDS researchers are building global capacity to meet these challenges through pioneering research and innovative knowledge partnerships;
  • IDS Knowledge Services provide a range of information-sharing services, such as the Eldis Climate Change Resource Guide.
  • Researchers in the STEPS Centre¬†are examining issues of sustainability and energy access.

IDS work on climate change focuses on three main themes:

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