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Data Basin

Data Basin is an innovative, online system that connects users with spatial datasets, tools, and expertise relating to environmental and conservation topics. Individuals and organization can explore and download a vast library of datasets, upload their own data, create and publish projects, form working groups, and produce customized maps that can be easily shared.

The building blocks of Data Basin are:

  • Datasets: A dataset is a spatially explicit file, currently Arcshape and ArcGrid files. These can be biological, physical, socioeconomic, (and soon to be imagery) that can be uploaded, downloaded or visualized.
  • Maps: Maps are visualized datasets created with easy-to-use tools in Data Basin. Maps, customized by users, can be kept private, shared with groups, or published for everyone. Users can critique maps with provided drawing and commenting tools.
  • Galleries: Galleries are meaningful collections of datasets and/or maps created by Data Basin users. Users and organizations can publish galleries (including studies, atlases and books) that others can easily find and use.
  • People: People are members of the Data Basin community. Users can search profiles to find data providers, potential collaborators or interested audiences.
  • Groups: Groups are user-defined subset of Data Basin users collaborating around a specific topic or issues. Group members can share, analyze, and discuss datasets and maps. Data Basin allows for private (closed) and public (by request) groups.
  • Centers: Centers are topics or geographies of special interest to Data Basin users. Users can find specific datasets, maps, galleries, people, groups, and analytical tools under each center.
  • My Workspace: My workspace provides a private area for accessing Data Basin. Users can easily organize content they contributed or found in the system. Users can create and edit personal profiles; manage their account; track creation of datasets, maps, and galleries; and, manage their group activity.

There are several gateways to Data Basin; sites powered by Data Basin and curated by members of various interest groups. They showcase spatial information for a particular geography, topic, project or organization. Gateways include a subset of the data available on Data Basin.

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