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Directory of finance sources for climate change mitigation in agriculture

This directory includes information on potential sources of funding for projects that seek to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in agriculture in low-income countries. To meet food security needs as well as commitments to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, a number of countries have been interested in how to access climate finance. For decades it has been well known that improved rural finance can support farm innovation by providing the capital resources for initial investments. Investments have been made in improved irrigation, seedlings, machinery, or other inputs that are constraints for many poor farmers, as well as in efforts to facilitate farmer innovation through extension, demonstration sites, and support for farmer organizations and farmers’ experiments.

With international pledges to provide finance for climate change and the need to reduce emissions in ways that also achieve sustainable development, new kinds of finance for agriculture are becoming rapidly available. Yet many people in the agriculture sector remain unaware of these sources or the means for accessing them.

You can access the publication here: Directory of finance sources for climate change mitigation in agriculture