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EcoTransIT World: Methodology report

This paper presents a methodology report for the EcoTransIT World Initiative. EcoTransIT World is an independent industry-driven platform for carriers, logistics service providers and shippers dedicated to maintain and develop a globally recognized tool and methodology for carbon footprints and environmental impact assessments of the freight transport sector.

EcoTransIT World offers a free of charge internet application, which shows the environmental impact of freight transport – for any route in the world and any transport mode. More than showing the impact of a single shipment, it analyses and compares different transport chains with each other, thus making evident which solution has the lowest impact.

In line with its vision to increase transparency on the environmental impact of the freight transport and to demonstrate the continuous improvement of EcoTransIT methodology and EcoTransIT World calculator, this methodology report was commissioned.

The methodology was already embedded in the calculator; it follows the guidelines of the standard EN 16258 ‘Methodology for calculation and declaration of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions of transport services’ and integrates latest research available for the air pollutants.

Read the methodology report.