2pm, September 29th, 2015

EnerFuture provides annual energy forecasts up to 2040 using projections from the Prospective Outlook on Long-term Energy Systems (POLES) model. It offers a insight into future energy demand, prices and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by energy source or by sector at a country and/or regional level. EnerFuture aims to provide a consistent set of data reflecting the factors that will impact and shape the future energy context.

The POLES model is an internationally recognized techno-economic model. The simulation occurs on a year-to-year basis, with endogenous projection of energy prices. It provides a complete accounting of energy demand/supply of numerous energy vectors, associated technologies and greenhouse gases emissions and enables to customize and model possible carbon constraints levels, energy resources or technological assumptions.

The service includes:

  • Global coverage (66 countries/regions)
  • Historic annual data from the year 2000
  • Annual forecasts of the global energy market until 2040
  • Demand and price forecasts (by sector and energy source) • GHG emissions forecasts (by sector)
  • Power mix forecasts (capacities and production by technology) in five-year steps
  • Three detailed scenarios offering contrasted views on technological development, on effort in developing low-carbon energy sources and on fossil fuels supply
  • Explicit modelling methodology and scenario assumptions
  • Unlimited Excel export

Key questions addressed:

  • What is the projected energy demand and supply based on international fuel prices?

Sample data inputs:

  • Energy resources
  • Power generation
  • Emission profiles
  • GDP
  • Population
  • Oil and gas resources
  • Technology costs

Sample quantitative outputs:

  • Demand by energy by sector by country
  • End user energy prices by sector by country
  • CO2 emissions by sector by country
  • Power mix by country (capacities + production)

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Introduction to the POLES model

Enurfuture brochure.

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