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Energy for Sustainable Development online course

The Energy for Sustainable Development (E4SD) online course is delivered entirely through distance online education. The course provides in-depth knowledge of energy options within the context of sustainable development.

The course is designed to be intensive and requires an average of 80 hours of efforts, spread over eight weeks. It serve as a comprehensive introduction to a range of key energy for sustainable development issues. These include the linkages between the provision of energy services and poverty, economic development, health, security and the environment. The topics selected for coverage allow development specialists to get a first-hand yet in-depth view of key challenges associated with implementing energy for sustainable development in a variety of development related contexts.

The E4SD course’s scope and content is intended to promote deeper understanding of the following issues:

  • Linkages between energy, social and development issues such as poverty, gender, urbanization, health, livelihoods and economic development
  • Energy security
  • Sustainable management and use of energy resources and energy technologies including renewable energy technologies and advanced energy technologies
  • Energy concerns in developing countries including rural energy, and
  • Enabling frameworks and policies that promote energy for sustainable development

The course session is structured into three sections with four modules each:
Section I – Energy for Sustainable Development
I-1 Energy and Social Issues
I-2 Energy, the Environment and Health
I-3 Energy and Economic Issues
I-4 Energy Security

Section II – Energy Resources and Technologies
II-1 Energy Resources
II-2 Energy End-Use Efficiency
II-3 Renewable Energy Technologies
II-4 Advanced Energy Supply Technologies

Section III – Enabling Frameworks and Policies for Sustainable Energy
III-1 Energy Scenarios
III-2 Rural Energy
III-3 Reshaping Markets and Building Capacity
III-4 Key Policy Areas for Sustainable Development

The E4SD Online Course involves a range of readings, quizzes and self assessment, written assignments, and participation in online discussion forums facilitated by international energy and development experts. Feedback for assignments is supplied on an individual basis.

Successful completion of the course leads to a formal European university level certification corresponding to three European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) credits.

For more information visit the course website.