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Energy technology roadmaps: a guide to development and implementation

Energy technology roadmaps: a guide to development and implementation is aimed at providing countries and companies with the context, information and tools they need to design, manage and implement an effective energy roadmap process.

Awareness is growing of the need to turn political statements and analytical work into concrete action. To spark this movement, at the request of the G8, since 2008 the International Energy Agency (IEA) has been leading the development of a series of roadmaps for some of the most important technologies. To date the IEA has completed 20 global energy technology roadmaps covering both supply and demand technologies, as well as supporting the development of two national technology roadmaps.

By identifying the steps needed to accelerate the implementation of radical technology changes, these roadmaps will enable governments, industry and financial partners to make the right choices. This will in turn help societies make the right decisions in seeking to transition to a low carbon future. The IEA roadmaps, which provide a global perspective, can inform more detailed roadmaps with a regional, national or sectoral focus.

This edition of the report includes more detailed guidance on how to identify key stakeholders, develop a technology baseline and development of indicators to help track progress against roadmap milestones. The IEA hopes that this guide and the examples and references it offers, together with the new IEA How2Guides, which provide technology-specific guidance, will help national and local policy makers and industry to develop strategies that accelerate the deployment of low-carbon energy technologies worldwide.

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