Energy Working Group: 2016 Work plan

2pm, June 23rd, 2016

The LEDS GP Energy Working Group consists of nearly 500 energy experts worldwide. Many practitioners within national governments, multilateral institutions, nongovernmental organizations, and private companies have already benefited from its initiatives. The group’s work consists of core secretariat activities and signature knowledge projects, each of which have several components. The following activities are planned within the new allocation ($102,202) that is projected to support activities for 2016.

Download our 2016 Work plan to find out more about our current and upcoming activities.

Core secretariat activities

  • Advisory services and technical support provided to LEDS GP participants, including its regional platforms, working groups, and country level stakeholders, policymakers, and experts. The Energy Working Group supports requests covering areas of analysis, planning, finance, and implementation, as well as measurement, reporting, and verification of climate compatible action in the energy sector.
  • Peer learning, training, and knowledge sharing opportunities are offered to practitioners tasked with planning and implementing LEDS in the energy sector. This component includes the development and dissemination of energy LEDS online support materials such as toolkits, advisory notes, and policy papers; the design and execution of webinars; and the organization of energy sector sessions and in-person workshops at global and regional LEDS events.
  • Assisting in LEDS GP efforts to diversify fundraising resources has been identified by the LEDS GP Secretariat as a priority action area across working groups and regional platforms. This effort is critical in supporting the continued development of capacity building, technical assistance, knowledge sharing, and collaborative activities across the Partnership. Through close collaboration with other working groups and regional platforms, and with a targeted focus on development of planned signature knowledge projects, the Energy Working Group will actively seek and incubate additional sources of funding.
  • Working Group administration and support activities are provided to the LEDS GP Secretariat and working group members, including.

Download the 2016 work plan here.

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