General Equilibrium Modeling Package (GEMPACK) manual

10am, September 30th, 2015

This manual provides a comprehensive guide to the General Equilibrium Modeling Package (GEMPACK). GEMPACK is a suite of economic modelling software designed for building and solving applied general equilibrium models.

The manual contains:

Chapter 1: Introduction to GEMPACK and using the manual

Chapter 2: A guide to installing GEMPACK on your Windows PC.

Chapters 3 to 7: An introduction to GEMPACK. New users should first work through these. Chapter 3 tells you how to carry out simulations with models, while chapter 4 tells you how to build or modify models. Chapter 6 describes data files and how to construct them. Chapter 7 describes GEMPACK file types, names and suffixes.

Chapters 8 to 18: A comprehensive description of the TABLO language, used to specify GEMPACK models. They also include instructions for running the TABLO program.

Chapters 19 to 35: How to run simulations, using GEMSIM, TABLO-generated programs or SAGEM. They also describe the Command (CMF) Files used to specify details of simulations.

Chapters 36 to 41: Description of other GEMPACK programs.

Chapters 42 to 46: A guide to the example models supplied with GEMPACK, and hands-on instructions for using WinGEM, AnalyseGE, RunGEM, and other GEMPACK programs.

The remaining chapters include more technical material, References, and the Index. A list of GEMPACK documents is given in chapter 81.

An interactive online version of the manual is available here.

Institutions Involved

  • Victoria University


Jill Harrison, Mark Horridge, Michael Jerie, and Ken Pearson
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