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GHG Management Institute carbon accounting courses

The GHG Management Institute carbon accounting courses provide online training in greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting and verification.

The Climate Registry, a nonprofit organization that operates the leading voluntary greenhouse gas (GHG) registry in North America, and the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute (GHGMI), a nonprofit organization building a global professional society of GHG experts, have partnered to offer the online training courses.

The training courses build on GHGMI’s rigorous curriculum and e-learning capabilities and incorporate The Registry’s expertise in helping companies measure and report their carbon footprints.

Coursework covers the basics of GHG accounting and reporting to The Registry as well as GHG verification for inventories, ensuring that a new generation of sustainability professionals has the skills necessary to prepare companies for the future. The GHGMI training is a key component of The Registry’s future blended learning program, which will combine online courses with in-person training. Utilizing online learning, this coursework provides access to world-leading GHG management curriculum and faculty, while simultaneously avoiding the costs and emissions associated with travel.

Courses are self-paced, available 24-hours a day, and authored by leading experts in their fields. Lessons are designed for both beginners and experienced professionals and may be taken individually or as part of a diploma program.

For more information see the GHGMI courses website.