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GIZ – Best practices in capacity building approaches

This document contains most of the deliverables of the consultancy services provided to Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and will serve as input to the German Federal Ministry for the Environment (BMU)’s and GIZ’s contribution to the Major Economics Forum (MEF) process of designing a long-term strategy on joint capacity building and know-how transfer.

The long-term strategy on joint capacity building and know-how transfer aims to provide a capacity building tool kit, focused on human resources capacity, for the international solar and wind energy community.

The aims of this document are:

  • To provide an overview of past and present global capacity building initiatives / strategies / projects, in the renewable energy sector and other sectors
  • To identify success factors / best practices of capacity building initiatives / strategies / projects
  • To identify potential cooperation opportunities / synergies between MEF and other existing renewable energy and capacity building initiatives / programs
  • To formulate recommendations for a MEF long-term strategy on joint capacity building and know-how transfer, based on the outcomes of the capacity building initiative analysis and best practices identified
  • To give an overview over financing options for capacity building and make recommendations to MEF with regards to tapping financing sources

Read Best practices in capacity building approaches: recommendations for the design of a long-term capacity building strategy for the wind and solar sectors by the MEF working group.