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Global Atmospheric Pollution (GAP) forum air pollutant emission inventory

The Global Atmospheric Pollution (GAP) forum air pollutant emission inventory consists of a manual and workbook to help enable non-OECD countries to develop emissions inventories in an accurate, complete, comparable, consistent and transparent manner to support the process of regional cooperation on the modelling and mitigation of transboundary air pollution.

Key questions addressed:

  • How do I create a national GHG inventory?
  • What are my national annual emissions of sulphur dioxide (SO2), oxides of nitrogen (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO), non-methane volatile organic compounds (NMVOC), methane (CH4), ammonia (NH3), particulate matter (PM) and carbon dioxide (CO2)?

Sample data inputs:

  • Detailed emissions and activity data by chemical, source, and sector

Sample quantitative outputs:

  • Annual emissions of SO2, NOx, CO, NMVOC, CH4, NH3, PM, and CO2

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Guidelines for developing emission inventory in East Asia.

Tool Summary

  • Free
Expertise Required:
  • Advanced
Geographic Scope:
  • National
  • Sectoral
  • Policy
Impacts Assessed:
  • Environmental
    • Air
    • Greenhouse Gases