Greenhouse gas (GHG) calculator for solid waste 

11am, September 30th, 2015

Greenhouse gas (GHG) calculator for solid waste is a spreadsheet model for calculating GHG emissions from all the existing waste management practices (transportation, mix waste landfilling,composting, anaerobic digestion, mechanical biological treatment, recycling, incineration and open burning) in developing Asia.

In addition, this simulation is useful to estimate GHG emission/reductions from the current waste management practice in a particular location taking into account the climate benefits from resource recovery from waste in a life cycle perspective.

Key questions addressed:

  • What are the GHG emissions associated with waste treatment activities (transportation, mix waste landfilling, composting, anaerobic digestion, recycling etc)?

Sample data inputs:

  • Climatic zone
  • Transportation of waste
  • Composting of waste
  • Anaerobic digestion
  • Mechanical biological treatment
  • Recycling
  • Mixed waste landfilling

Sample quantitative outputs:

  • GHG emissions/reductions associated with each solid waste process

Access the GHG calculator for solid waste.


User manual.

Institutions Involved

  • Institute for Global Environmental Strategies
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