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Greenhouse Gas Initiative (GGI) scenario database

The GGI (Greenhouse Gas Initiative) scenario database documents the results of a set of greenhouse gas emission scenarios that were created using the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) Integrated Assessment Modeling Framework.

Altogether, the database documents three ‘baseline’ scenarios of different socio-economic and technological developments, A2r, B1 and B2, that are assumed not to include any explicit climate policies. In addition to these, this database also documents climate stabilization scenarios, which have been imposed on the baselines. Version 2.0 of the database includes an extended set of stabilization scenarios, including very low scenarios that stabilize CO2-eq concentrations at about 450 ppm CO2-eq.

The majority of the scenario data is presented at the level of 11 world regions. For some indicators data is available in a more disaggregated spatial scale than what is shown in this database. It is possible to download grid level data.

Access the GGI (Greenhouse Gas Initiative) scenario database.