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Grid-Connected Renewable Energy Generation Toolkit – Wind power

This wind power presentation is one of five energy-specific modules within the US Agency for International Development (USAID)’s Grid-Connected Renewable Energy Generation Toolkit.

The toolkit is intended to help USAID mission staff and national decision makers understand and assess the relevance of policies and programs that have been used successfully in support of large, grid-connected renewable energy development.

It highlights key issues that must be addressed in the design of a renewable energy framework, and seeks to explain key concepts. Basic information is provided on renewable energy technologies, but the toolkit is designed for policymakers, not engineers. However, the toolkit contains extensive references to other sources that contain more technical detail.

The presentation contains both slides and extensive accompanying notes.

The wind power presentation contains the following sections:

Section One – discusses the availability of wind and how it may be used.

Section Two – examines wind technology issues.

Section Three – examines the global status of wind power generation and investment costs.

Section Four – looks at trends in the manufacturing of wind turbines and strategies to build local manufacturing industries.

Section Five – explores the impact of various policies on wind power development.

Section Six – discusses business models and project development sequencing.

Section Seven – looks at the energy, environmental, and job creation benefits of wind power development.

Section Eight – addresses key challenges confronting wind power developers, including resource variability, grid integration, and transmission costs.

Section Nine – provides best practices for enabling the development of wind power.

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