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Guyana’s Low Carbon Development Strategy

Guyana’s Low Carbon Development Strategy was launched on 8 June 2009. The strategy outlines Guyana’s vision to promoting economic development, while at the same time combating climate change. The revised version was published on 24th May 2010 and subsequently the Low Carbon Development Strategy Update was launched on March 2013.

Since one of the major contributors to global warming is tropical deforestation, Guyana has cemented its belief that addressing this issue has now become one of the global priorities for combating climate change. Guyana, like most low-lying coastal states, is vulnerable to the effects of climate change. However, given the fact that over 85% of the our country is covered in forest, we can play an important role in addressing the global problem of climate change and its effects.

At the same time we recognize that we are a developing country and our forest resources are our principal natural asset which we can utilize to obtain revenue which we need for the growth and development of our country. The challenge, therefore, is whether we can maintain our forests to help in the global fight against climate change and receive financial resources for doing so. The Government of Guyana believes we can. However, to accomplish this goal effectively in the long term, Guyana needs a clear vision and a strategy. The Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS) provides this paradigm.

Read the Low Carbon Development Strategy for Guyana.

For more information, see the LCDS Guyana website.