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Hazardous waste: resource pack for trainers and communicators

The new Training Resource Pack+ (TRP+) provides a structured package of notes, technical summaries, visual aids and other training material concerning the hazardous waste cycle from generation to disposal.

The present version provides a more flexible e-book structure, allowing easier access to and downloading of the information, and creates linkages to sources of information held in partner institutions. The TRP+ is more network-oriented, providing access to other professionals and trainers and facilitating user feedback.

While it contains useful technical information also for professionals, the TRP+ is not designed as a practical manual for solving waste problems. The focus of the discussions is on training needs – i.e. bringing out key principles and approaches rather than fine detail..

Space limitation in this TRP+ means that some subjects have not been comprehensively described, and others such as soil contamination have not been included at all because they are covered by other manuals. Some of this material will be added at a later date.

Some chapters reflect waste management experiences that may not be equally appropriate in all countries, emphasizing either high or low technologies, rigorous or flexible regulation. This is inevitable in a document for worldwide use.

The TRP+ is a basic resource package that trainers adapt, augment and adjust to their circumstances. By adding further knowledge and experience as it becomes available, practicing trainers can make this package remain up to date and relevant in more countries as waste management evolves further everywhere.

Read the Hazardous waste resource pack introduction here.

For more information and the full pack, downloadable in sections, see the TRP website.